Engineering Economics

The scope of the articles in the journal are devoted to the analysis and assessment of the problems related to engineering economics, managerial decisions, new technologies, strategic models, etc. Thus, a good opportunity is presented to disseminate knowledge, research results, their practical application and further development.

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Vol 26, No 1 (2015)

Table of Contents


Determinants of Time on the Market in a Thin Real Estate Market PDF
Andreja Cirman, Marko Pahor, Miroslav Verbic 4-11
The Impact of Economic Downturn on Banks’ Loan Portfolio Profitability PDF
Ričardas Mileris 12-22
Double dividend hypothesis: Can it be validated by carbon taxation swap with payroll taxes? PDF
Danuse Nerudova, Marian Dobranschi 23-32
The Relationship between the Transparency in Provision of Financial Data and the Change in Investors’ Expectations PDF
Leonidas Sakalauskas, Zivile Kalsyte, Ingrida Vaiciulyte, Irmantas Kupciunas 33-39
Stock Price Forecasting: Hybrid Model of Artificial Intelligent Methods PDF
Chong WU, Peng LUO, Yongli LI, Kun Chen 40-48
An integer grey goal programming for project time, cost and quality tradeoff
Seyed Hossein Razavi Hajiagha, Hadi Akrami, Shide Sadat Hashemi, Hannan Amoozad Mahdiraji


Economic efficiency of fines imposed on cartels PDF
Jurgita Bruneckiene, Irena Pekarskiene 49-60
Revisiting the role of public debt in economic growth: The case of OECD countries PDF
Jernej Mencinger, Aleksander Aristovnik, Miroslav Verbic 61-66


The Analysis of FMCG Product Availability in Retail Stores PDF
Aleksandar Grubor, Nikola Milicevic 67-74
The Importance of Stakeholders for Corporate Reputation PDF
Migle Matuleviciene, Jurgita Stravinskiene 75-83
The Role of a Management Accounting System in the Decision-Making Process: Evidence from a Post-Transition Economy PDF
Marjan Odar, Slavka Kavčič, Mateja Jerman 84-92
An Integer Grey Goal Programming For Project Time, Cost and Quality Trade-Off PDF
Seyed Hossein Razavi Hajiagha, Hadi Akrami, Shide Sadat Hashemi, Hannan Amoozad Mahdiraji 93-100


Information about article authors PDF
Requirements for the Article to be Published Information layout and editing of the article PDF

Print ISSN: 1392-2785
Online ISSN: 2029-5839